Magnolia Certification Program

Magnolia's all new certification program is a valuable way to showcase your newly acquired developer skills and highlight your experience in working with Magnolia 5.4+

In each certification level, not only do you receive a certificate for safekeeping and a personal URL to Magnolia's online verification directory but you also get to acquire badges!

Associate Developer Certification

The Associate Developer certificate shows that you understand the fundamentals of Magnolia on a broad level and that you can work on a project as a member of a team of experienced developers. It is the first level of Magnolia Certification.

Targets: Developers who have attended Magnolia Basic Training or worked on Magnolia projects

Delivery Mode: Online and unsupervised

Coverage: General knowledge, project setup, apps, AdminCentral UX, templating, site development

Invoice-No. 21384

This product is for bulk purchases of Magnolia offerings such as trainings and certification exam. This product is reserved for special clients and partners of Magnolia.

Please do not purchase without approval of a Magnolian. We are not liable for any unapproved or unauthorized purchase of this product or item.

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